summarizing beijing.

June 24, 2007

beijing is not my home anymore. i can feel it’s foreign presence. it is cold. it has lost its warmth. it had forgotten its roots and is seemingly trying to imitate metropolitan, capitalists cities. its pollution is unbearable, its people is still the same.
beijing had cleverly found its niche and advertised itself from that. yet, beijing is oblivious about several things that makes it uniquely beijing.
its hutongs. its broken english. its fake branded bags. its cheap drinks. its rou-chuanrs. its fascination with mandarin-speaking foreigners. all of those that makes it truly BEIJING.

highlights; meeting my homies
downsides; breaking my camera, being tired all the time, the pollution, and always ending up thinking about KL.


8 Responses to “summarizing beijing.”

  1. scharahap Says:

    and while i was in beijing i couldn’t sign into wordpress. which means, the central state probably blocked it cos they were afraid of free press. haha

  2. trugiaz Says:

    welcome back!

  3. trugiaz Says:

    worse kem, ada ky penampungan aer d lantai gw trus jebol gtu. pas gw sadar kaki gw uda basah ama aernya dah hampir nyampe kabel listrik, haha untung da beres sekarang. Pengalaman euy banjir di lantai 14.

  4. Izuan Says:

    Kemi it’s is short of it is, not to be used when you are referring to possession. šŸ˜›

  5. Izuan Says:

    Btw that picture would look real cool with a tighter crop around the center.

  6. scharahap Says:

    @izuan: i was writing as if “it” was the subject and therefore “it’s” signifies the possession. oh well i changed it already anyways

  7. acid Says:

    kemi, i always ending up thinking about JKT, how’s dat? :p

  8. acid Says:

    uhmm btw noely is getting married, 29 July 07, ah…I forgot to email u..
    one moment yaa.. šŸ˜€

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