epilogue; siemreap

July 12, 2008

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(angkor wat at sunrise)

back from siemreap, cambodia.

all i can say was the trip become more than i had expected, i enjoyed the company of those who came with me, and truly gained experience in not only cambodian culture- but also other life experience.

things that made the Monash SASS Cambodian trip so great:
1. The cheap booze
2. The $5 dresses and 2 for $3 shirts
3. The walking distance of Popular Guesthouse and Pub Street
4. The experience
5. The Pineapple Lady…
6. Furry Muppets *ahaHAHAHA
7. Bat’s Wall of Shame (Just kidding darl!)
8. Angkor Wat at Sunrise
9. The sweet Khmer food…
10. http://insearchofsiemreap.blogspot.com


5 Responses to “epilogue; siemreap”

  1. […] scharahap Filed under Cambodian Food […]

  2. Syafique Says:

    Hey Syafique here!
    I just discovered your blog!
    Cool blog you have here!
    How was Cambodia??

    U take care.

  3. aRdho Says:

    buset! kamboja?!?! kok keren! 😀

  4. scharahap Says:

    syafique; hey! im glad you did because i was wondering how you were doing! what have u been up to lately ya? working i bet? hehe. cambodia was great, i miss it already!

  5. scharahap Says:

    ardho; kamboja eksotis2 gitu ya kesannya hahahaha

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