2011 in retrospect

January 2, 2012

the highlights:

1. Studying in Melbourne
2. Traveling to Sydney
3. My nephew Dylan
4. Graduated with High Distinctions
5. Seeing Lykke Li live in concert
6. Bali weekend with the girls
7. Working for an international NGO


June 28, 2010

Jacinta is in a coma.

if you have been reading my blog from the very beginning, you might know that I call my BenQ Joybook “Jacinta”. And you might also know that I have had Jacinta for over 4 years, ever since my college days in Netherlands.

Everyone knows 1 laptop years is equivalent to 20 human years. Which means, Jacinta is a very, very old lady. It has nonstop coughs, arthritis, and alzheimers. One day, whilst accompanying me studying for my final papers, it blacked out. I suppose it was from the overheating, or maybe it was just her time to go..

In a simple analogy, Jacinta is now in the hospital, in a coma. I could spend alot of money to revive her, wait for a miracle to come, or I could just pull the plug.

And I think it’s time to pull the plug.

So, farewell Jacinta. Thank you for the most wonderful 4 years of my life in which you shared many experiences and memories with me. You’ve been there through the ups and downs, and I shall not put anymore burden on you.

Rest in peace, dear Jacinta..

dearest valencia

March 31, 2010

it’s nice to get a message that wrote,

“i hope you are happy doing whatever you are doing, wherever you are at”


January 3, 2010

yes its that time of the year where we start brewing up unrealistic expectations for the next 365 days ahead of us. Looking back at the 09 resolution, I can say I did achieve most of those resolutions…in some way or another. Referring to #4, I can somewhat understand bits and pieces of spanish conversation although it would be easier if I had google translate to work with at the tip of my fingers. I have not made it such a habit to wear high heels though, as it was my #5 resolution, but I did purchase more of these type of shoes (hahaha). and yes, seeing the glass full instead of the glass empty is a tough one. i’m getting there, though.

so here is my ode to mankind’s odd annual habit of creating goals.

1. Eat healthier and incorporate more exercise to my diet
2. Stay positive and avoid confrontations
3. Maintain a better GPA for my masters degree
4. Earn more
5. Travel the World


December 29, 2009

to get this cleared out,

i’ve been somewhat neglecting my wordpress blog ever since i was introduced to tumblr. tumblr is evil. it’s purpose, in my opinion, serves no clear boundaries on any literary aesthetics. in fact… the existence of my wordpress blog, my tumblr log, and other means of blogging are all kind of blurred into this fondue pot of mixed contents… originally my wordpress blog is for me to write. for me to express my feelings and emotions. but then, i got too into photography. then comes my tumblr, which never really had any emotional literary content in it, and i would like to keep it that way.. tumblr is strictly for reblogging photos and other internet media content, and wordpress will still be my diary, my journal.

but if you are eager to see my tumblr check it out at http://abcdefghijkemi.tumblr.com/

The cosmos and stars must be stirring up quite a frenzy, because down in planet earth, I seem to be experiencing one of the lowest points in my life.
The last semester of this year has been giving me the wildest rollercoaster ride I’ve experienced in a while. Upset and disappointed are daily feelings… Useless is what I seem to portray.

The tipping point was yesterday. My planned trip which cost my parents almost $2k delayed because of unforseen traffic in Jakarta. I began to wonder what might be going through my parent’s minds? $2k down the drain? They couldve used that for my education. The aforementioned education that is now walking on thin ice.

Useless, skill-less, tactless. I feel less of everything. I feel less because what makes me whole is miles away from me. They are trying to take us apart. Testing our strength. Testing our fidelity.

Testing what I’m made of, and what I’m made of without you.

raya lights

September 25, 2009

IMG 1 028IMG 1 029IMG 1 036

Minal Aidin Wal Faizin. Mohon Maaf Lahir dan Bathin!

Sorry God. I know I wasn’t good this year. Hope You can still forgive me. Hehehe.


September 9, 2009

photos courtesy of Ridzki

because i didn’t have time to be artistic



May 2, 2009

this is Coco.


3 weeks ago, we were given a little mongrel puppy by my housemate’s friend.
we named her Coco, after Coco Chanel, with hopes that she will become an obedient, sophisticated dog.
she was just a bit over one month old. we fed her, took her to get vaccinated, cleaned all her fleas and ticks, took her to the pet salon, bought little toys for her…
she seems cute and innocent in the picture but in reality…
she was really hard to take care of.
when we come back from uni, we’ll always expect to see puddles of her pee everywhere.
my colourful ikea carpet, has been invested with dog poo.
in fact, our whole living room became filled with landmines of dog poo and pee.
she was also very feisty.
she loved to bite our toes, feet, pulling on my leggings, chewing our havaianas, and steal our socks.
after 3 weeks for her, we finally decided it was too much for us to handle.
the problem was, our apartment is not exactly the best space to raise a pup.
and with our schedules.. we’re rarely at home.
she needs someone who can take care of her 24/7…
so we finally decided to let her go…
so this is goodbye.
au revoire, coco. please be good and obedient to your new parents…