July 22, 2011

and so i went back to where it all began. where i breathed into life and woke up to smell camellias. where i first saw shining light and it was the opera house. where i first felt the sensation of sand on my skin at bondi beach. where, such first visions cannot be intricately described because of the memory lapse of the earlier period of my life.

and so i thought i could go regain my childhood memory. i was suppose to become one with the city. suppose to follow the dynamic of their rapid pace and movement. suppose to see the glitter in the stillness of the harbour. suppose to feel that city sounds like bus honks and sirens and bells were as proficient to me as my own heartbeat.

but such a familiar place felt so foreign to me.



June 25, 2011

autumn falls

May 28, 2011

between queens st and lt londsdale

smith street’s lost + found market clearly sums up my love and hate relationship with vintage clothing shopping. i love that its vintage, i hate that its overpriced and dusty and clearly causes the tickle in my throat and nose.

ius cosmopoliticum

May 4, 2011

“Being a citizen of the world could be a kind of exile… from the comfort of local truths, from the warm, nestling feeling of patriotism, from the absorbing drama of pride in oneself and one’s own”
-Nussbaum (1996: 15) in Kendall, G., Woodward, I. & Skrbis, Z (2009) “The Sociology of Cosmopolitanism: Globalization, Identity, Culture and Government”.

wild horses

April 10, 2011

churchill island animal ranch

fireworks bokeh

March 23, 2011

fireworks in bokeh. moomba festival. melbourne.


March 9, 2011

needs more decorations. hmmm.


melbourne sights

March 9, 2011

victoria market, melbourne central, max brenner, flinders street, federation square, hosier lane


March 9, 2011

so here i am at the heart of the artistic hub of australia. in the past, the hustle and bustle of melbourne had left me doubtful; the fast forward of feet and legs all hurrying about in the CBD gave me a certain headache. the too-large of an indonesian community made me wonder of the possibility for international mingling. that was the impression that lingered on about 7 years ago, when i first visited the city with my family in 2003.

but of course, i have changed, and although the city hasn’t changed much- it turned out both changes seemed to create a wonderful marriage between me and the city, stemming from the love of art, music and excitement. so in all entirety, i admit- i was wrong in the past.

so melbourne, bring it on. excite me. exhilarate me. continue to make me fall in love with the burst of colours your city has to offer.