Recapping 2013-2014

July 14, 2014

What happened between March 31st, 2013 (my last post) and July 14, 2014 (today)?

Life happened:

1) I got married
Yes, seven years in the making and we finally tied the knot on 6 April 2014. We got married in a Museum! One day, we’ll tell our kids that and they’ll be like, “Mom, you’re either a freak or really really cool”

2) Travelled around
The occasional Bandung and Yogyakarta for work, Perth for Lebaran and Independence Day, London and Cardiff for Induction, Europe (France, Netherlands and Belgium) for our honeymoon, and just recently KL for the Regional Meeting

3) We just had the 2014 Presidential Elections, and our country is as divided as ever

Will post pictures from each event soon (I hope I don’t abandon this blog again for another year or so..)


in july

July 7, 2012

although humans are social beings,

i feel more alive in solitude.

change theory

April 21, 2012

how things have changed in a few months. 

change is inevitable, they say. change is what defines you. there are types of change, one for the better and one for the worse. but at the initial stage of change- who are we to know which one is which? it all seems the same, and for someone who is constantly experiencing change, from a change of scene to a change of environment- i don’t embrace it. i frickin hate it. 

yet somehow it swoops me and changes me entirely. i have changed, or if some would like me to rephrase- i have “changed back” into being how i used to be: changed back for the worse. 

all that glitters is gold

December 30, 2011


December 5, 2010

at noon, i received a message on my family’s BBM group stating:

“Innalilahi Wainnalilahi Rojiun. Telah meninggal dunia ibunda tercinta pada jam 12:15pm”

that’s when my world shattered into pieces, and i broke into tears.

Farewell Grandma. I love you but God loves you more…


December 3, 2010

Today’s emotion is sponsored by the letter “H”

“H” stands for Hungry.

“H” stands for Hippo,

“H” stands for Home…

Home.. Let me come home! Home is wherever I’m with you.

November 25, 2010

i started to fade (away. away. away……)


November 6, 2010

boxes, duct tape, luggages, hand-carry, boxes, duct tape, luggages, hand-carry, cargo.

It’s that never-ending pattern of packing and repacking and the wait for my COE letter and visa application to Australia that leads me to a realization. I’m less than 24 hours away from ending my life in Kuala Lumpur.

4 years in Kuala Lumpur. The original plan was 3, I extended a year to do my masters. To tell you the truth, perhaps I would act differently if I went as plan and left after three years. I would be hysterical. I would be sentimental. I would cry.

The fact is Kuala Lumpur had truly been the best years of my life. I grew here. I became an adult. Kuala Lumpur was the easiest city to adapt to, it gave me ease and comfort that other cities I’ve lived in did not provide at first glance. Of course, there was the downs. A break-up, hostility with some housemates and frenemies, and the near-fail subjects..but the gray memories will always be outshined by the colorful ones.

Then I met a boy. Who (might) will be my future.

What made my life great here, changed after the fourth year started out. I grew older. Tired of the scene. Wanted to concentrate on my studies instead. Wanted to be a better person. Focused on work. I looked at other kids and saw they had my past-twinkle. They shined  and looked at the gleaming lights with anticipation. I stared at the gleaming lights and realized, what am I still doing here? I don’t belong here anymore.

I saw that if I stayed here too long, I outshined myself so much that I faded.

That is why, this time around, it is different. I will not be hysterical. I will not be sentimental, and most of all,
I will not cry.

city of lights

January 24, 2010

i’m updating from the city of lights, paris 🙂

its still surreal to walk down champs elysees and feel the cool crispy wind getting under your skin
and the bright lights from cars on the arc du triomph roundabout blinding your sight

but there seems to be something different about this city, this time..

but, its a good change.


October 27, 2009


arrived caracas about three days ago.
i don’t feel that jetlagged but i sleep at 8pm and wake up at 5am, so can you consider that some kind of form  of jet-lagging?

this city is awesome in it’s own way. sure, its no metropolis like london or new york
but it looks like a city lost in time, living in its past glory.
the glorious 1980s. when the oil prevailed.

that’s it for now. will continue updating about this city!