First and foremost, let’s give a round of applause *insert electronic clapping sound here* for me because somebody actually visits my blog for… a diverse set of reasons, although I wouldn’t really understand, why?

This blog is, yes, your cliched “ordinary” blog, there’s nothing special about it because I don’t even focus on anything special for my blog. It’s just an electronic, interactive medium in which I as the author, pour my heart out. Sometimes for the worst reasons (ie, just to rant about how stupid my life is, FML!)

Although I try to be anything but ordinary, I must say I can’t find any verbs or nouns that can describe how special I am.  But if you’d really like to know…

I’m an arts student studying communication and international studies. i have lived in several countries but no, french is not one of the languages i master. i find it odd if i daydream about a corporate job because in some ways, i feel more adjusted in a social or civic position, yes yes… some people view me as a feminist. i’d like to counter that perception. i do care about the rights and equality of women, but not to the degree of radicalism. i like cheese, wine, and possibly both at the same time.  I think I’m an ultimate 80’s child. Because neon prints and mullets are my thing…


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