August 22, 2012

take a three week leave, pack your bags, and go.

it seems that the TCK in me wouldn’t let myself stay in one place for far too long. it was like a pathological pattern, an urge to leave jakarta atleast once every three months. and after several intensive months of work, i knew i was in dire need of a holiday before i lost my third culture identity.

so here i am writing from my parent’s apartment atop the hill of cumbres de curumo in the capital of venezuela, overlooking of what may be my last trip to venezuela as a TCK (who knows what identity i would posses in the next trip- TC-spouse? diplo-brat turn diplomat? or maybe even a filthy backpacker with no money?). in the room behind me, my hand carry is packed with essentials for our next trip to brazil and chile.

excitement, anxiety, an aching feeling in the pit of my stomach and a burn in my heart – will i ever feel these pre-departure jitters again? my father’s words echoed in my ear, “you are blessed. you got to see the edge of the world”. I will remember to murmur praises to the Almighty, for i am truly blessed.

ver você em breve, o Rio de Janeiro,
y hasta luego, Santiago!


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