January 18, 2011

in the past the city’s name has always been synonymous with a roll of the eyes and a meager tilt of the head to the side, followed with a distinct “eh”. this lead me to never find interest in the city although time and time again many indonesians flock here due to its proximity to our islands.

that is why, at first an invitation from my sister-in law’s parents seemed to pass my mind without much thought. howev, circumstances found me rethinking my initial plans and lastly- there i was, armed with a garuda ticket and a calling visa.

i feel that perth now, does not deserve the understated humdrum description it received in the past years. of course, it is no metropolis like sydney, nor is it as hip as melbourne, but, it has the most darling lakes and rivers and gardens and a laidback feeling that life here is more than just alright.

and australia everywhere is becoming a melting-pot of different cultures, what is australian cultural identity or the basic idea that this nation evolves around? we don’t know anymore. food courts are packed with sushi and ramen, thai food, chinese takeaway, and even indonesian fried rice. what is the ultimate australian cuisine? fish and chips, perhaps, and yes they’ve still got them. but it could be the ultimate fact that it is in this diversity that australia finds its identity in postmodern 21st century life.

whatever it is, it still is a great country to catch some sun rays and beer.


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