the series of holy floats and magnificient lights

May 17, 2010

it was during one of the most mundane sunday evenings of my life that i heard distant soft chants from the temple across my apartment. the soft chants broke my bitter silence, and echoed into my eardrum. I peeked… from behind my curtain, i saw bright lights… yellow, pink, baby blue.. a holy entity of colours that blinded my sight.

curiousity dragged me off my feet and into the darkness that is the night. I paused under the shade of a willow tree, peering into the distance. There it was.. something beyond my knowledge, for all i know of it was that it had a magnificent strength that pulled me beyond any theory of physics that man has formulated.

I hesitated. People all around me danced in harmony, waving their arms together with the soft evening wind. Their chants were thunderous- yet it pulled us all into a trance…

what is this, i thought to myself.

i would love to have someone enlighten me.

bandar sunway pjs 7 indian temple.


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