on the road

January 20, 2010

tomorrow, i’ll be on the road once again.

21 January: Depart Venezuela
22 January: Frankfurt
23 -26 January:  Paris
26 -28 January: Frankfurt
29 January: Jakarta
4/5 February: Kuala Lumpur

I can’t believe I’ve reached the target of staying in Venezuela for 3 months. It’s a funny experience… it wasn’t so much for me to experience something new, rather than re-experiencing family life. It was a time where my family gathered together to discuss our future. To reset our goals. To make sure we are all in this together.

There was some hard times here… but of course there was some enjoyable times. If I were to be given the option to stay longer though, I don’t think I would. The only reason I would go is for my family. Other than that, there is nothing for me here.

There is one thing I love about this city though, and it’s the scene, the skyline, the panoramic view of the whole city. I could spend hours sipping tea by our house’s balcony, watching the hustle and bustle of life from kilometers away. This must be the most beautiful view that I have ever had in my own home.

I have a feeling it might be a while until I come back to this vibrant and colourful country. But its memory, of its tranquil beaches, cooling mountains, and its musical citylife… will always linger in my mind.

Hasta Luego, Venezuela.


3 Responses to “on the road”

  1. aRdho Says:

    gw gak tau, gw udah nanya ini apa belum. tapi kerjaan lu apa sih sekarang? kok bisa keliling dunia? *ngiri* 😛

    • kemi Says:

      hahaha gak punya kerja gw makanya bisa keliling dunia 😛
      eh lo kagak bs nyamperin gw yak,, gw lg di paris tp selasa balik ke frankfurt (seenaknya minta gitu*

      • aRdho Says:

        hahahah najis enaknya 😀 kagak lah. kenapa gak sekalian mampir ke belanda, kan jalur nostalgia 😛

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