state of dystopia

January 8, 2010

i feel like im living in some state of dystopia, where people around me are living in grave unhappiness, oppressed by the anti-moralistic elites, who, by all means, torture our good soul and healthy brains by living on their cannibalistic inhibitions. good deeds, moral values, polite intentions- all suppressed by those who are only taking into account of their lust, their hunger, for sexual dependency on those of the opposite gender. “them”, an exclusive community who share only one thing in common- their need to fill in that void that has been emptied by others who have pushed them away.

and i, i feel like an exiled refugee, thrown away out of the country because of my different ideologies. They shunned me, in their eyes i’m just another political madman, having my own manipulative agenda. No… I work for the people! For my people have been suffering, their voices muted, as all they can do is put on a mere glare… and let all the corruption pass by with a blinded eye… my people, you must be brave! stand for your rights, for our moral sanity… what has this state become? you have turned them into animals, into beasts, and this must be put into a halt.

disclaimer: this piece has no relation to current political affairs, it is a mere metaphor.


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