January 3, 2010

yes its that time of the year where we start brewing up unrealistic expectations for the next 365 days ahead of us. Looking back at the 09 resolution, I can say I did achieve most of those resolutions…in some way or another. Referring to #4, I can somewhat understand bits and pieces of spanish conversation although it would be easier if I had google translate to work with at the tip of my fingers. I have not made it such a habit to wear high heels though, as it was my #5 resolution, but I did purchase more of these type of shoes (hahaha). and yes, seeing the glass full instead of the glass empty is a tough one. i’m getting there, though.

so here is my ode to mankind’s odd annual habit of creating goals.

1. Eat healthier and incorporate more exercise to my diet
2. Stay positive and avoid confrontations
3. Maintain a better GPA for my masters degree
4. Earn more
5. Travel the World


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