the thing about growing up is..

November 5, 2009

your attitude changes.

when i was younger, about the time of primary school, i would sulk. if i didn’t like something,
i’d scrunch my face into a frown. sure,  i still frown, but you learn to accept things. you understand that your attitude or personality, however negative it may be, will contribute to your surroundings. i can’t sulk as i used to..that would be childish.

your perspective changes.
you used to see life from one angle. the angle of a angsty-teen or a spoiled 10 year old. empathy was a foreign word. but as you grow, you start to understand. start to put yourself in other people’s shoes. you can’t make decisions based on one-sided truths, you need to see the bigger, wider picture.

and here i am now. 22 years old. i can’t believe i have become an adult. as a kid you look at those people called “adults” and you wonder. how its like to stay up late, how its like to make money. how “adults” can sleep late yet still be the ones who are up the earliest. i remember that doe-eyed child, the 4 year old riding her tricycle in front of Marjory lane. she sold lemonade on the street of her neighbourhood, made snow angels during terrible blizzards, and looked at life in only one perspective. that kid is gone, but her memory is still alive.


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