series of unfortunate events

October 16, 2009

The cosmos and stars must be stirring up quite a frenzy, because down in planet earth, I seem to be experiencing one of the lowest points in my life.
The last semester of this year has been giving me the wildest rollercoaster ride I’ve experienced in a while. Upset and disappointed are daily feelings… Useless is what I seem to portray.

The tipping point was yesterday. My planned trip which cost my parents almost $2k delayed because of unforseen traffic in Jakarta. I began to wonder what might be going through my parent’s minds? $2k down the drain? They couldve used that for my education. The aforementioned education that is now walking on thin ice.

Useless, skill-less, tactless. I feel less of everything. I feel less because what makes me whole is miles away from me. They are trying to take us apart. Testing our strength. Testing our fidelity.

Testing what I’m made of, and what I’m made of without you.


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