May 2, 2009

this is Coco.


3 weeks ago, we were given a little mongrel puppy by my housemate’s friend.
we named her Coco, after Coco Chanel, with hopes that she will become an obedient, sophisticated dog.
she was just a bit over one month old. we fed her, took her to get vaccinated, cleaned all her fleas and ticks, took her to the pet salon, bought little toys for her…
she seems cute and innocent in the picture but in reality…
she was really hard to take care of.
when we come back from uni, we’ll always expect to see puddles of her pee everywhere.
my colourful ikea carpet, has been invested with dog poo.
in fact, our whole living room became filled with landmines of dog poo and pee.
she was also very feisty.
she loved to bite our toes, feet, pulling on my leggings, chewing our havaianas, and steal our socks.
after 3 weeks for her, we finally decided it was too much for us to handle.
the problem was, our apartment is not exactly the best space to raise a pup.
and with our schedules.. we’re rarely at home.
she needs someone who can take care of her 24/7…
so we finally decided to let her go…
so this is goodbye.
au revoire, coco. please be good and obedient to your new parents…


2 Responses to “coco-mo<3”

  1. nacosu Says:

    hello coco … what a cute dog 🙂

  2. chami Says:

    Babe, actually, if u seen the coco chanel movie, she’s far from obedient and sophisticated. She was a total rebel! so yeah, perhaps, the name changed her personality too.

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