January 24, 2009

inspired by fashionesedaily, i’ve always wanted to send mine in, will probably do it soon!


The Bag: LV Monogram Noe
I got this bag for my 20th birthday from my boyfriend (we both paid half-half hahaha)

Clockwise (circular) from top:
1. Chanel canary camelia wallet
I stole from my mom, ha! she had the box lying around in my room for years, and it was until I finally understood the value of it that I snatched it and never gave it back πŸ˜›

2. Sony Ericsson z610i
my lawful companion, but it’s so dead right now i need a new phone! But i’ll have to be patient 😦

3. ‘Diplomatic Baggage’ by Brigid Keenan
I’m reading this right now, it’s about a diplomat’s wife who talks about her life abroad, it’s funny and it’s my mom’s bible somehow, haha

4. Lomography Fish-eye camera
I got this from a friend, Β for those who don’t understand what lomography is about you can check their website. I take my fisheye most of the time cos you never know what random moment you neet to shoot!

5.The Body Shop, White Musk Body Spray
White Musk is the trademark smell of the Parani Girls (my female relatives from my mother’s side). The size is perfect, because even though I love Victoria Secret body mists, the size is too big and heavy for my bag!

6. The Body Shop, 2-way cake
Alot of people thought this was an ipod because of it’s glossy mirror-y casing, haha

7. Topshop heart-shaped sunglasses
Can’t really see the shape from the picture, but it’s suppose to be heart-shaped. I love heart-shaped glasses (I have like, three) but this one I use the most because the color is a natural shade of brown, so it isn’t too attention-grabbing. And I got this one for like 50% off, such a great deal πŸ™‚

8. Apple Ipod 80gb + Caselogic Purple Ipod Case + Purple Sonicgear earplugs and case
I’m those kind of people that sometimes hears random melodies in my head- and it will be played in my head until I listen to the song. Before it get’s pretty annoying but now I can just flip open my ipod and put on that random song. And my last earphones- the apple earphones, were pretty much destroyed because i just dumped everything in my bag, so now i’m more cautious and i got myself earplugs with a casing so that it won’t get destroyed that way!

9. Passport Photos
Just got them done last week at Citos, I had them done for my new passport but I didn’t like the results, but I’m keeping them for my visa application.

10. Canon Ixus I-zoom in Red
My beloved! But you can see that it’s broken cos the lens is like sticking out, haha. I wanted to get it repaired but it was sooo expensive, might as well just buy a new one. But i love this camera so much, it was there to capture all the great moments in my life, from my last semester in Groningen, my life in Malaysia, my holidays to Indonesia, China, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand.. it’s small and compact, and it’s a nice shade of red. I had it for almost 3 years already, and it broke twice hahah!

11. Lesportsac heart makeup pouch
a. Maybelline Great Lash Blackest Black Mascara-Myla got for me from the US. They don’t have it in Asia for some reason!
b. Anna Sui Sui Rouge V- from Riri, thanks dear!
c. Revlon Black Liquid Eyeliner- my ultimate tool, I even sleep in em!
d. Nivea Lipcare in Strawberry Kiss- the essential
e. Maybelline Watershine in Pink Fairy
f. OXY Cover
g. Green tea Hand cream from the Vanilla Industry (Bangkok)
h. Rimmel London lipstick in Rich Raisin
i. Maybelline Lipstick in Sangria Red
j. Nixoderm- for mosquito bites!
k. Hairclips

12. Marlboro Menthol Lights
Ok kids, it’s not good to smoke, it ruins your health and complexion and… yet why am I still doing it? Hahaha. I don’t normally smoke Marlboro (it’s usually Dunhill, or occasionally Virgina Slims and Vogue) but Ganesh bought a pack last week and then realized he doesn’t like Menthol so he gave it to me (thanks dude! my pack was finishing anyways).


3 Responses to “IN HER BAG”

  1. trugiaz Says:

    wiww dah lama ga maen2 kesiini hehehe.. lo intern dimana kem jadinya? masih kerja?

    anyway k’lo tas gw yang gw tunjukin pasti barangnya lebih ga jelas daripada punya lo haha

    oh and 1 more thing…. MUI said they gonna state a fatwa that making smoking cigarettes haram, so better finish yours quickly πŸ˜€

  2. scharahap Says:

    iya makanya kemaren gw jg udah lama gak check out your blog, hahaha. gw kemaren intern di deplu jadinya, bagian directorate of human rights. tp cuma bentar, sebulan, soalnya minggu depan gw harus balik ke KL.

    HAHAHA but its okay, kan seruu ngeliat isi tas orang, apalagi kalo barang2nya makin random.

    ARE YOU SERIOUS? aaaaaaaaah bete bgt bukannya mnurut quran rokok itu nggak haram? hahaha

  3. trugiaz Says:

    Wah enak banget jadi intern di deplu hahaha ya gapapa sih cuma sebentar juga yang penting kan pengalamannya hehehe.

    well yeah maybe in a near future I’ll show what’s the content of my bag to the world as well hehehe. Oh and about the fatwa it’s official, smoking is haram for children, pregnant woman, and whoever smokes in the public places. hehehe can’t comment much about this though.

    say hello to Malaysia for me ya kem, missed the times being there hehe

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