twilight overdose

December 23, 2008

some thoughts after finishing Eclipse and continuing to Breaking Dawn;
(I know it’s late)

1. I truly believe that Stephenie Meyer’s writing techniques cannot be compared to those of Arundhati Roy, Emily Bronthe, etc. Her work plays with the underlining theme of gothicism, mixing it with references to natural elements which gives it a romantic touch. Although the sentences she wrote might not be stringed together in some sort of  sonata of a melodic harmony of words; it is easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to grasp.

2.  I once believed that Edward Cullen was overrated. I had once took a liking to the character of Jacob Black, but coming to the end of book 3, he began to irritate me.  Although, I still would think a Jacob Black would be more of my type than Mr. Heart of Stone (atleast, physically because I wouldn’t want to freeze to death, haha)

3.  If I were Isabella Swan, would I really choose to be a vampire? Come to think of it, she really had no choice huh? If she were to stay human, the Volturi would get to her anyway.. but her decision was made based on love. I think I’d stick to being human, but I really wouldn’t know, I’ve never fallen in love with a vampire before.

4. If I were Bella, wouldn’t you be a tad freaked out? I mean you have this pale dude watching you while you sleep.. isn’t that kind of freaky?

5. Lastly, I thank Stephenie Meyer (and the Internet) for giving me something to do during office-hours. God knows what I might be doing if I don’t have the Twilight series to read (in pdf form because I’m a lazy cheapass who didn’t want to pay another rp.160.000 for each book) when I’m in the office.


2 Responses to “twilight overdose”

  1. Shazeea Says:

    I devoured the books. Thought that the writing was annoying because it’s so teenage and that even I could do better with such an interesting plot. As you’ve mentioned, the gothicism, the nature, the romance, it’s all belittled because the target audience is so young. A pity really. Book 1 was too long an introduction, Book 2 was such a sap, Book 3 finally hit the mark and by Book 4 I didn’t want it to end.

    At first I was annoyed with Bella the damsel who is a klutz and doesn’t think she’s pretty (when everyone else does). I’m so tired of the heroine being so unappealing. But she comes into her own in the last book. And when she lets Edward in, those last few paragraphs, I was floored.

    I want an Edward. Yea, a warm Jacob would be nice. But Edward. Hands down.

  2. kemi Says:

    exactly, the first time i heard about the book i looked down on the whole plot.. i mean, a vampire falling in love with a girl just didn’t make sense to me. in reality you can’t blame the book for being childish, i mean it is targeted for young adults, but atleast it isn’t hard to read, hahaha.
    well im just beginning to start on breaking dawn, so no spoilers! ahahaha. but yeah. i liked jacob in the second book, but in book 3 he just annoyed the hell out of me. but i think what makes this book so appealing for girls is that it really hits a spot. i guess deep down inside every girl wants their own edward huh? hahaha

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