December 2, 2008

as some of you know, FACEHUNTER was in jakarta and he even dropped by during TWBA/Steve Aoki, I believe I saw him a couple of times in the venue but I wasn’t so sure it was him, and it would be embarrassing to go up to some random lad and be like “HEY ARE YOU FACEHUNTER” and he’d be like “WHAT? I DONT HUNT FACES” or smth like that. but he took some shots of people around jakarta and kudos to those who got snapped!

as for my music report of TWBA/Steve Aoki, I’ll post it once I get the pics from Bram


3 Responses to “ME! TAKE A PICTURE OF ME!!!”

  1. my Says:

    kemi i was hoping u would get like pictured. anyway u definitely should go up to him and ask him if hunts faces and ask him to take a pic or u hahahaha… oh well…

  2. scharahap Says:

    hahahaha. so was i but let’s be realistic, hahahaha. btw did you know that the photos were staged? as in mereka merencanakan baju2nya dan mereka buat photosess kecil2an. abisnye ga mngkn banget kan kaya nemu dijalan? and pantesan aja he didn’t seem interested in anyone pas gw ketemu. ahahaha. tp emg sih orang jakarta style nya oke. im happy that we got exposed 🙂

  3. my Says:

    hah so it was staged how did u know? well i had like this idea a lil… so anyway yeah well eternal piggy back huh? *sorry clutter*

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