Defining SitiCameliaHarahap

November 22, 2008

blog surfing and i found this

Mengandung Arti:

– Keteguhan, kebijaksanaan, pengaruh dan kekuasaan
strength. wisdom. influence and power (sounds good right?)

– Durjana/tidak beribadah
lack of prayers (um.. not that true haha)

– Perjalanan yang melelahkan
a tiresome journey (what does this mean?)

– Jenius dan berpengetahuan luas
genius and knowledgeable (uhh i wouldn’t call myself a genius)

– Kemasyhuran dan pernikahan
fame and marriage
(i don’t understand how this is linked)

– Pekerjaan yang sempurna
perfect work (does this mean i will get the perfect job?)

– Sifat ragu-ragu
hesitant characteristics (this is kind of true)

– Perasaan pada keadilan
believer of justice (i sound like some cartooned superhero)

– Tercerai dari pasangan hidup
divorced from spouse (wtf! this is the saddest part. i’ll chose not to believe in it)

– Kesedihan dan kekurang-sempurnaan
sadness and imperfections (sigh….)

– Berkah Tuhan
God’s blessing (okayyy )

– Pengampunan dan kemerdekaan
amnesty and independence (huh?)

Mengandung Arti:

– Pekerjaan yang sempurna
– Sifat ragu-ragu
– Durjana/tidak beribadah
– Pengampunan dan kemerdekaan- Berkah Tuhan
– Kesedihan dan kekurang-sempurnaan
– Keteguhan, kebijaksanaan, pengaruh dan kekuasaan
these are the same as the one above… atleast it doesn’t say i will be divorced from the spouse! haha.

– Berhasil dengan baik, cerdas dan beruntung
success, smart and lucky (i don’t think i’m a lucky person haha)

– Spiritual, mistik, kepercayaan pada roh
spiritual, mystical and believes in spirit (yes i do believe i am more spiritual than religious)

i’ve read about other peoples definitions and i’d have to say mine is the best i saw so far, cos other people’s name definitions seem so negative, atleast mine has some positive traits? but i believe that indonesian names are burdensome, some names (especially javanese) are so ‘heavy’.
and i just read bram’s name definition.. it’s terribly scaryy and negative that i don’t want to post it up here…


2 Responses to “Defining SitiCameliaHarahap”

  1. nice site. Keep up the good work. Im going to add you to my rss feed.

  2. sapikebon Says:

    tolong dong arti nama ku .. sapi kebon ??


    salam kenal .. maaf .. baru bisa satu bahasa ..

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