quick post

November 5, 2008

1. I am finally of legal age. Won’t be needing that fake ID anymore! although.. it does make me reminisce the carefree ‘younger’ years. lol

2. Thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday, and those who showed up and TRIED to surprise me at midnight. Bram, theo, ganesh, andi, acai, iib, tara, ayu, nourma and farhan..plus my housemates dhanto, boky and jun.. you guys do this every year, but it was sweet! Just like the oreo cheesecake. yumm. hugs

2. I’m off to Bangkok tomorrow! HAH I’m gonna spend my money like there’s no tomorrow. This trip was my birthday present for myself 😀 yayy.

So I’m off! Bon Voyage.


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