funny tuesday

October 21, 2008

I’m a kind of person that is used to having a million things to do outside the house, be it work-related, school-related, or just being social. Throughout the whole semester I feel like I’ve rarely seen the afternoon sun from my bedroom window. But here I am, in the end of the semester…at home at 2:31pm and *gasp*, fully awake. And, get this… I don’t know what to do at home.
I could think of atleast 10 things I can do, but for some reason the thought of getting them done is very unattractive. I’ve walked back and forth from my bedroom to the kitchen to find that I have nothing ready-to-eat except Meranti Keju (which shows that I haven’t been grocery shopping in a while…)
what’s more, I had the eeriest dream last night. Sharing it here in public is not something I would do, as truthfully it is something that I would like to keep in the deepest part of my heart, locked away. At times like these I feel rather lonely, because I find that the people I can share my current feelings with (without hurting them) are slowly coming to a meager amount.
Or… maybe it’s just me who’s avoiding everyone.
maybe i’m just antisocial.
maybe i want to feel lonely..


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