goodbye stains, goodbye soaking!

October 18, 2008

part of my jrn2907 assignment. I had Michel Gondry’s Be Kind Rewind in my head throughout the taping, so the cheesiness, lame effects and rough editing is on purpose. and about what i’m wearing… i was suppose to wear a white shirt but it was easier to tape a white shirt on me that wear it. HAHHAHAHA.
video made by: kemi harahap, neneng retna, belinda chay and natasha tan


4 Responses to “goodbye stains, goodbye soaking!”

  1. Shazeea Says:

    Hahaha. MonSoap?

  2. piduth Says:

    hahaha bagus keeemmm, especially that look on your face pas mau disiram coke, priceless hihihihi baguuusss keemmmm

  3. scharahap Says:

    yesss monsoap. you know mr jasbir even told us we can upload our video to the monash website? hahaha, i don’t think we will though. too embarrassing. hehee

  4. scharahap Says:

    makasih pii, hahaha agak2 cheesy and bego, heauhuhaha

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