not too shabby

October 15, 2008

well i was reading shazeea’s post on Times Higher Education QS World Rangkings and it mentioned that on an overall rating, Monash was rather #47 worldwide. Of course, that rangking had dropped from #43 in the previous year, #38 in the year before that, and #33 before that.

but then shazee posted world rangkings in terms of her major, so I thought I’d check out mine. since i’m still kind of confused what exactly my area of expertise is on (yeah i’m already in third year but i don’t know whether my course is more towards Arts and Humanities or Social Science… since the name of my school is School of Arts and Social Science). but anyway, Arts and Humanities is ranked #33 while Monash’s Social Sciences is ranked #25 worldwide (not too shabby right?)

the thing is when I enrolled in Monash’s Arts course I really was bewildered to see that the demand for this course in sunway campus was not too high compared to engineering, business, science, etc. but now school of arts and social sciences is developing and i’m actually quite proud of being part of this school (haha cheesy moment)

So I guess I feel better now, since I finished one of my pestering assignments today and have 2 more to go!


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