October 12, 2008

MNG Canary Yellow Cardigan, ZARA printed Loose T-Shirt, Forever21 Denim Highwaisted Skirt, Necklace from Birdie, Sg Wang.

I went to LAPSAP’s Junkyard Sale and BBQ at Palate Pallate today. I love Palate Pallate, it has got to be one of my favorite places in KL. And I’m happy I got quite a number of things, although I wish I got more. But the place was a tad bit crowded for my liking, but its okay. Atleast I only spent RM80 today šŸ™‚

blue and white polkadot throw, pink and purple fllowered cardigan, white colored skirt, yellow shirt, and vintage jacket.

and now i have to go back to my assignments, 2 dued this week. One is making a news website and the other a scripted and recorded television program. But atleast I only have 1 exam šŸ˜€


4 Responses to “JUNKYARD.”

  1. Miriam Says:

    1 exam??? lol I so envy you right now haha! Hey, where’s that place you went to? Sounds great! And cheap lol

  2. kemi Says:

    I know rightttt? but right now i’m struggling with assignments. one is due at 9 am and here i am still in front of my laptop waiting for my group mate to send me her part…

  3. Wina Says:

    heyy kemi! love the outfit šŸ™‚ that shade of yellow is really chic..

  4. scharahap Says:

    thank you wina šŸ™‚

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