so this is what (semi)rejection feels like?

October 8, 2008

my intership application at the Jakarta Post was rejected because of no vacant positions.
yet apparently, because I have “education qualification, I stand a good chance of being accepted as an intern” in the Jakarta Post.
i’m not exactly disappointed, in a way because they mentioned that they did like my application. it’s just that i don’t exactly have any other time to intern other than now, and i really really (did i mention really?) wanted to work at the Jakarta Post.

I really can’t imagine if I have to work in a non-international institution. I mean, somewhere that has Indonesian as the working language. I’m not confident with writing in Indonesian, I feel like a fool.
And I can’t find CNN Bureau Jakarta’s contact details. If I can I would’ve sent my application there as well…
Double Sigh.
Let’s just cross fingers..


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