October 6, 2008

messy, tall VIKA CURRY IKEA table which pretty much takes up all the space in my tiny room, IKEA pink seater which isn’t really comfortable to sit on, IKEA box which is bulky and dusty

books and red IKEA boxes piled up on the bookshelf, blue billboard, messy dirty laundry basket from IKEA *lol i just realized i’m an IKEA whore.


In an attempt to revamp my room without going through the hassle of selling off my old VIKA CURRY IKEA table and buying a shorter IKEA table (or buying new table legs), I decided to screw off the legs from the IKEA table. I took the dusty IKEA box i use to store my bags and another box filled with old clothes and topped the IKEA table-top on the boxes. along with a balinese tie-dye sarung from bram’s mother as a tablecloth, the makeshift table actually turned out the way i wanted, and it made my room look more spacious!

and welcome the newest addition to my room: the hand-me-down TV from Dhanto! (he has a HDTV monitor now, ck ck ck). I’ll look for a cheap dvd player soon so I can just watch DVDs in my room if I’m feeling antisocial ๐Ÿ™‚ and look you can see I hid the VIKA CURRY legs between my laundry basket and bookshelf hahaha. sorry for the dark photos.. my room looks nicer with the IKEA lamp on and not the natural bedroom lights ๐Ÿ˜›


3 Responses to “IKEAHACKER!”

  1. Izuan Says:

    Oh my your tv’s resting on 2 boxes! That does not look stable.

  2. scharahap Says:

    my table is also on top of boxes. and my laptop is resting on top of the table-top. lol.

  3. tomz Says:

    kem, IKEA has made you the byproduct of modernism. lol.

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