tis the season to be holy

September 25, 2008

so it’s ramadhan, and 4 days away is eid. thankfully through out this month i’ve fasted almost every other day besides those days that are just unbearable (for women, of course). this year ramadhan feels like it passes tremendously fast, or maybe it’s just because of a habit i picked up which pretty much makes me lose hours of my life with sleep. i guess you can say my attempt to be religious this month failed, as the number of times i prayed throughout ramadhan can be statistically documented with the fingers of one hand.
anyhoo, alot of my friends are excited because some of them are going back for eid. truthfully, i haven’t been home for eid in four years. yes, you read that correctly, four freaking years ever since i graduated from highschool. i know alot of people will probably shudder at the thought of not celebrating this auspiscious holiday with your family for that many times, but for some undescribable reason, i’m close to feeling almost nothing.
i feel like an emotion-less jerk, yes, but i suppose i also am used to passing this holiday without really having the need to celebrate it. weird. i mean, when i was in china, there was a number of times where school wasn’t out for the holiday. therefore, after the eid celebrations in the embassy i’d stop by school in my finest garments and all the kids would look at me weirdly. or when i was in holland, the eid was during my exam period. when i was in the states i would be fasting and my friends would think i was anorexic.
i did think to myself that i would try to go back for eid this year. but whats the use of going back right now and then going back next month? just doesn’t really make any sense.  and the thought of having to take the cheapest airline option and the possibility of having the flights delayed for HOURS with a bunch of ignorant strangers as your only companion… i’d rather avoid that situation.
sure, i guess i won’t get any angpau. i do miss my family and the good food and all but i guess this is just one of those circumstances that college kids must face (or maybe just me, being me).
anyway for those who are going back for eid, happy eid and enjoy your time with your family 🙂
god bless.


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