ganes burpday

September 13, 2008

so yesterday was ganesh’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ganes is 21 now and finally legally allowed to use his real ID when entering clubs worldwide. so here is a picture of the birthday boy with his ‘cake’.

as you can see, his ‘cake’ is green and shaped as a star with colorful chocolate sprinkles. yes, in an attempt to cover-up the fact that we forgot to get him a cake (and were too lazy to bake him one), boky and I took out the pandan pound cake i bought last week, took the star-shaped cookie cutter and shaped the cake, spreaded the 4 star-shaped cake pieces with butter, and dipped it in colorful chocolate sprinkles. to add more zest to the presentation, we added sugar crackers to the side. VOILA!

the cake, modeled and licked by iib.
so happy birthday (even if it has ended like 3 hours ago) to ganes and we’re waiting for the makan2!
bubba gump, bubba gump, bubba gump…


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