September 10, 2008

“Woman’s desire is subjected to her image as bearer of the bleeding wound, she can exist only in relation to castration and cannot transcend it. She turns her child into the signifier of her own desire to possess a penis. Either she must gracefully give way to the word, the Name of the Father and the Law, or else struggle to keep her child down with her in the half-light of the imaginary” (Mulvey, 1992)

“liberal democracy depends on the belief that its citizens begin their lives in a state of natural innocence and goodness. As a result, childhood remains a place where children should be protected from adult sexuality. This belief denies the erotic interest that adults have in children. Attributing that interest to a small group of adults scapegoated as perverts denies the degree to which their erotic fantasies and desires are in fact widely held” (Karlyn, 2004)

oh god.
studying arts (film studies, cultural studies, media studies, etc) is steering me to perversion.
if i ever end up abnormal, i know who to blame.
laura mulvey, roland barthes, sigmund freud, jacques lacan, michel foucault..
thanks for ruining my sense of reality.


2 Responses to “intermezzo.”

  1. Izuan Says:

    perversion not pervertion hahahaha ;D

    btww cooool theme.

  2. scharahap Says:

    lol i was just about to edit that word when you got to me first xP

    thanxx. i get bored of wordpress themes easily. huh.

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