to be a tourist in our own home

August 24, 2008

i just came back from a weekender in the city! the mother in law came by for the weekend, and bram and i continued our weekly travel program (ever since the start of the month, we’ve been getting a number of guests from indonesia coming by to visit, so our routine tour consists of: putrajaya – sungewang/mesjid jamek/petronas klcc/pavilion (if in KL city area) – ikea/the curve/ss2 murni (if in damansara area). but atleast this week we actually got a taste of the tourist life, as we stayed at CaPitol hotel with Bram’s mother. and instead of driving the guests to putrajaya, we actually rode on the bas pesiaran (however we didn’t take those tourist-y pictures in front of the mosque and jabatan kehakiman) and we managed to take a midnight walk around bukit bintang and managed to get to bed minutes after (something i’ve never done before).

besides that, i’ve also restocked my closet with more new additions. don’t kill me just yet- most of them were souvenirs from bram’s mother 🙂 batik dresses, batik sling bag, batik slippers and dark gray cheap monday jeans!

btw, as you can see the blog is undergoing some changes. i was bored with the layout and so i’m trying something new. don’t be alarmed if you see all these other changes within the future, i’m just moody and overprotective with my blog that i need to constantly revamp it. yes, i am like marguerite duras, only i didn’t have a scandal with some older chinese man when i was only fifteen.

happy birthday to the leo babies: audy, sheila, kevin and my mother!!!


One Response to “to be a tourist in our own home”

  1. Batikgifts Says:

    batik sling bag? 🙂 Please, show it.. love batik

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