case study A

August 20, 2008

Case Study A:
Enter X. X is a quite ordinary girl but admits to be a tad critical at times. X enjoys having a good time just like everybody else, yet at times X wants to get her priorities straight while others seem to get lost in their enjoyment of the good young life. X does have quite a number of friends, but X believes that those who X does not feel personally close to are the ones who are surrounding X on a daily basis. And those who X does feel personally close to and consider good friends are the ones X meet only on several occasions. X feels a mixture of feelings, from being quite agitated to feeling rather sad, and wonders why this is how it is.

1. What role should X play within a situation like this?
2. Is X suppose to try and befriend those people mentioned?
3. If X had already tried (numerous times) to befriend those people mentioned, and still failed to feel connected with them, what is X suppose to do?
4. Is it common to feel how X is feeling, or is it just X’s bad luck to be stuck with people like that?

1 Question = 25 points. 25points x 4questions = 100 points for this case study question.


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