my closet is exploding!

August 18, 2008

like seriously. moving houses also downgraded me to a smaller closet which is half the size of my previous one. plus the fact that i constantly add new additions to the closet doesn’t exactly help. i end up stashing my old clothes and making way for new ones.

newest additions to the closet:
Topshop Blue Tribal Top
Liz Claiborne Striped Shirt
Vincci Dark Denim Wedges
2 Vintage Dresses
FOS Floral Dress
Tommy Hilfiger Vintage Striped Blazer
Topshop Heart-Shaped Brown Sunglasses
GG/5 Sheer White Blouse
Batik Tunic from Bram’s Aunt
and.. these are only the ones i remember.

btw, the hottest news within the fashion blogosphere is probably the comeback of Agathe of Stylebytes.
good for her! everybody was practically depressed when she shut down her old blog.

nothing new with yours truly, except for the fact that (either) facebook (or my internet) is being uncooperative and it’s taking me ages to upload pics from iyscup.

and i’m listening to King Khan and the Shrines – Welfare Bread and I don’t even remember when I downloaded this song.

aaahh i want to sell my old clothes so badly but there was poor response from my previous garage sale x(

and there is just so much i want to buy.

i’m so consumptive. argh.


One Response to “my closet is exploding!”

  1. myla Says:

    yes be consumptive…. hahahha temenin maksudnya

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