August 11, 2008

yesterday was tiring.
with only about 3-4 hours of sleep, i woke up at 7:30am.
i didn’t want to get out of my bed, but bram forced me to wake up and shower cos he wanted to catch the opening ceremony of IYS Cup 2008.
so we did.
and we watched the first football (soccer) game and basketball game.
then we had to leave to pick my aunt and uncle up from the airport.
(unfortunately we missed ROJALI’s first game versus UKM)
my aunt and uncle arrived ETA 10:30 malaysian time.
they came out around 11ish.
and we took them to Putrajaya for some sightseeing before checking into their hotel in Eastin Damansara
then i got my care package from my mother which consisted of:
10 packs of SUPERBUBUR.
2 cans of PRONAS corned beef
1 pack of Abon Sapi
1 copy of the latest GoGirl magazine
1 dress bought from Bali
1 pair of sandals bought from Bali
1 Longchamp bag from Mama Tetty from Paris
1 Flower barrette from my grandmother
and my monthly allowance HAHAHAHA 😀
i let my aunt and uncle rest in their hotel room and went back to Sunway
watched some other games,
Sunesia was playing. then WE.
i met a number of people i haven’t met in quite some time, which was comforting
went back home to shower cos i know i probably looked like shit
i had some problems putting on my contact lenses
my red eye was irritated
but nevertheless i still put it on cos i didn’t wanna wear my glasses
then we went back to watch Rojali’s second match versus UIA
after that went back to damansara and picked my aunt-uncle up at the curve
my aunt was shopping for vincci shoes.
i was window shopping but didn’t find anything i was truly interested in.
well there was this one brown leather bag that was quite okay.
it was rm99 and i think 20% off?
but i thought it would be better for me to control myself and shop for something else
my uncle then showed up with a number of shopping bags.
he bought some exotic fruits and malaysian snacks
my aunt ended up buying 4 pairs of shoes
and we then headed for murni
since my aunt’s craving for roti canai has not been fulfilled yet
i ordered roti hawaii
bram ordered roti daging
my uncle orded nasi goreng napoleon
which looked so good when it arrived and i slightly regretted ordering the roti hawaii
and some fruit specials which included kiwi special, mango special and lychee special
my aunt then ordered another roti canai since the size of it was so tiny
and after we finished eating we went to send them back to the hotel
we went upstairs to talk for a bit
and went home
i literally crashed on my bed after that
and slept.


One Response to “supersundayspecial”

  1. bambang Says:

    kasian pasti cape banget deh, mau om pijitan gak?

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