August 6, 2008

after two months in sunway court, i finally got internet connection! grrr… blame it on my agent okay! we’ve been pestering him for internet since day 1. although the internet is quite slow (cos my agent took the cheapest package deal he could get.. arrrrgh..but we’re upgrading to 2gbs! haha) that means no more ‘numpang’ internet at tata and iib’s house, hahahaha. and i don’t have to worry that my laptop will get sticky from all the sauce that hasn’t been cleaned up on their dining table.

i’m also currently recovering from a bad flu. I just hate being sick with the flu, where your nose gets all runny and you throat feels like its on fire. and i always end up being so weak and manja when i’m sick. but this time, i’ve actually cooked for myself and reminded myself to eat medicine on time. last time i was sick i was quarantined in PJS and Bram took care of me, hahahaha.

3 bags full starts filming this weekend, we’ve got a whole cast of great talent and right now i’m just worrying about my job as the creative director. Holding that title means that I’m in charge of all things creative (or atleast thats what Jeremy explained as my job description) which means scene layout, wardrobe, makeup, props… fun things actually, but i’m so booked for this weekend and next weekend, we might have to reschedule the shooting of specific scenes as it will be filmed from my bedroom.

this weekend is the start of the all famous IYS Cup, or this year they call it ‘REDDISH’ and PPI Olympic. Oohh mann, I miss last year’s IYS Cup that I organized. It was tiresome and gruesome but it was the start of my relationship with you know who. HAHAHA. funny times. I like being nostalgic and sentimental.

(Photo courtesy of Style Bubble– sorry but i really like the photo of Lykke Li, if you want me to take it down it’s okay… I just really like it.. so if it’s okay with you.. I’d like to post it up here…but really if you don’t like it up here, I’ll take it down.. just let me know… if you’re reading this anyway.. haha I sound so lame… okay… i’ll end this thing… alright….)

in other news, i’m also going ballistic over Lykke Li. I’ve had her album for quite some time now but I don’t know why it was only recently that the song ‘Little Bit’ really hit me- and I’m seriously obsessing over it.. everytime I press play, it’s like a fresh new song all over again. I love it to bits. and Lykke Li is another Swedish sensation. PLEASE! How does the Swedes produce all these musical talents? Is it something in their IKEA Meatballs? maybe it’s the gravy eh?

Here’s to a busy month of August- Cheers!


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