new semesterrr

July 22, 2008

countdown: second to last semester!

here’s what i’m taking this semester:
JRN2903 Online Journalism
COM3408 Screen Theories and Techniques
JRN2907 Radio and Television Journalism

dude i know the subjects i’m taking seems so cupu-cupu but this semester i’m taking all arts second and final year electives cos if i’m gonna be writing essays about globalization AGAIN i’ll probably blow up and call for a revolution, and if i see foucault, marx or barthes’s names printed in my reader i’ll have an anxiety attack and plow into depression as they’ve ruined my sense of reality and identity. i’ve *almost* completed my communications major and international studies major. and apparantly, i can register to have a double minor since next semester the writing minor is opened, and with the number of writing subjects i’ve taken I think i’m entitled to it.
but anyway, the subjects i’m taking right now are quite useful for the practical side of communication and media studies, radio and tv journalism entitles me to use all the broadcasting equipment monash has paid a humoungus amount of money on, screen theories gives me all the technical theory about film which will be useful for our upcoming indie production of 3 Bags Full. Online journalism… well i don’t know about that, but we get to make our own website, so… yeah.

on another note, MonGa issue 2 is finally out! horray! Be sure to grab your own copy before it runs out.


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