journal entry #3

July 1, 2008

tomorrow i’ll be heading back to Malaysia.

my first impression of jakarta after 6 months was that its traffic was getting even more gruesome, and inflation has really increased the value of products, so much that I wouldn’t understand why a pack of abon can cost Rp.20.000. it made me much more eager to stay abroad.

my stay in Jakarta was quite short, it is suppose to be a week but technically, if u take away the day that i arrive and the day that i go back, then it leaves 5 effective days.

i only had 1 day to meet a number of friends, but i’ve got to see epoth chamon ratri edith cek jdat angie babar karkeph kakek yanna sutra within that one day. although the time was so short, i’m glad i got to meet all of you.

maybe some of you have heard about the news that happened the morning right after bram and i arrived. to all of you who have sent their condolences and prayers, thank you so much.

something in me changed within this trip, i knew i was moving forward, even if it is with baby steps. there was so much that i was feeling these past few days, and those feelings made me feel like i was maturing.

i’m amazed how i can have such a strong support system, both the family and the partner.

and i’m beginning to feel more positive for the future.



One Response to “journal entry #3”

  1. cido Says:

    kemi, what happened dear? :-s

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