June 18, 2008

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yikess. i’ve got less than a week to study for authorship. i am truly dreading it, at the same time, i wish it would pass quickly. i’m sooo beat. i stayed at sunway court for the weekend and its awesome, staying there makes me feel like i’m on a holiday or something. you wake up and you go swimming and just chill the whole day, away from civilization (we don’t have internet or astro yet). when you’re hungry you cook or head down to the nasi lemak place next door for some cheap food and rm1 drinks.
the only problem is that my beds a tad too small for my liking, and too thin. ohhh and if i were to stay there alone i think i’ll freak out. it’s a bit creepy. i think because it’s a old house and the lightings rather dark?

me and dhanto we’re thinking the other day, comparing our house to tata’s. why is the house in block b so bright? why is our house so dark and creepy? is it because they use fluorescent lighting while our’s is yellow? hahaha. but everyone who’s been to my house said it’s nicer compared to block b. and they all like my room 🙂 i guess cos we’ve got real furniture. lol. but i believe once the internet and astro is running, the house will be a haven. oh yeah! i’ll post some pictures later after i get this damned virus out so i upload some pics.

oh and another problem is transportation. i feel a bit lost in that area, meaning, it’s hard to get a taxi in front of our condo. i’m very dependent on bram, and even though i know i’ll probably be spending 24/7 with him, it’s good to know you can still be independent once in a while, right? makes me want to get my own car. but driving will be shit, because of the new petrol prices that they say will increase again in august… aaaah! if prices go up again i might as well go back to holland, where with 10euros i can get a cheap secondhand (probably stolen) bike and the only maintenance i need is a good lock, and yeah come to think of it the living cost there is only $200 higher… why did i come to malaysia again? oh right, to pursue my “education”, lol. but of courseeee, if i didn’t come here i wouldn’t have met bram right? ahahahahaha

ooooh and today i got my honorary paycheck! it’s not much but it was enough to add to my savings. hmmm what should i splurge on eh? a new handbag? a new instant-camera? or save up for a trip to bangkok? grrrr i want all of it!! you know before all i did was spend spend spend, atleast now i’m learning to recycle my things and sell the items that i don’t use..ohh and now i make sure the things i buy are good quality products, not just some cheap 1kuai dongxi i buy at hongqiao shichang or sanlitun jie. hahaha. good for me then.

talking about hongqiao and sanlitun, i kinda miss beijing, i remember before my friends all agreed that we’ll make some kind of beijing reunion in 2008, when we’re all 21, and at that time i was like, “wow, 21 is such a big age… i’ll be an adult then” but now i’m almost 21 and it doesn’t really feel any different, it’s still the same old kemi only a bit wiser and more sober, haha. and now i look at all the pics that eda pat amy and lia are posting and i kinda wished i was there… huhh but last year i did go there and it felt sooo different… like i don’t belong there anymore.

hmm last year. it was a fun period. it’s almost been a year for me and bram omg that’s such a long time. if i think about how we ended up together, i really wish i could go back to that time! it was hilarious. i still keep some of the smses he sent me during the “gue-lo” periods. if i become a successful scriptwriter one day, i think i’ll make a film adapted from this time of my life. it would be like those romantic comedies. ahahaa.

okay i’ve been rambling. i’m sorry. anyway for all those peeps interested in buying my diana+ or polaroid joycam, don’t forget to contact me! 🙂


One Response to “beeps!”

  1. chavizzle itself Says:

    make sure u also mention me in ur film..

    n kem.. save money for singapore in oct!

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