June 12, 2008

exams: int2040 com3413 enh2407

my laptop has a virus. fxxxxxxxck. it gets pretty annoying cos everytime i hibernate, it will show up. but like right now its not visible but i know it’s hidden somewhere. and now im super cautious about uploading files from my pendrive or ipod.

i seriously think there is something wrong with me this semester. i suppose it was all the house-related hidden stress. overall, this semester was shit. not THE shit, just shit. i was constantly tensed, i didn’t put out in my assignments, i felt so bloody anti-social, and i bloated. with a new house, new environment, i really really really hope that next semester will be better. will be great. will be legen…wait for it….DARY!

i’m planning to make 2008 my ultimate traveling year.  I’ve already kick-started the year in China and Hongkong, and this summer I’ll be in Siem Reap, Cambodia, and I’m planning to go to Bangkok, Singapore and Perhentian Island next semester… amin amin i hope my plans work out! 🙂



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