June 6, 2008

a big warm hug to my frequent, loyal readers (yeah like there is any, ahahaha)

i’ve moved 90% of my belongings into Sunway Court, just missing the big bulky bed frame that hasn’t been dismantle by bram yet (and maybe a pair of shoes that are hiding between the messy pile in Palmville). I would have started to sleep there once the internet is running (and preferably astro as well), which may take another couple of days.

i’m also suppose to be in exam mode, but lazy lazy lazy me… i’ve found excuses to do other things when the time couldve clearly been used for studying. like seriously, did i need to wander mindlessly in and out of topshop and mango (i did manage to buy a pair of new shoes from topshop, horray!)? or stare into space in the middle of the afternoon? or watch afroman’s because i got high 3times in a row? hahaha. i’m excusing myself from studying for today cause of all the moving-to-sunwaycourt-related stress, but tomorrow! tomorrow shall be the day where i start cramming.

oh and my body has been fluctuating inconsistently for the past few months. i lost several kilos while i was in hongkong, and then gained them back when i came back to malaysia. then throughout the semester it’s been up and down and up and up and up till the point that i couldn’t bear to look at my body in the mirror, and somehow i think i kinda lost a kilo or two (probably just one kilo) this week. but today i ate mcdonalds at the most irrelevant time and i feel like im gaining it all over again…gah! next semester i must (i repeat, must) start exercising, even if it’s just 5 laps in the apartment pool. maybe start the day with some sit-ups.

anyway its late, i’m kind of sleepy but at the same time i still want to stay up. so i guess i’ll just end this post and see where my mind takes me…


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