welcome to the second floor

June 3, 2008

i just got the keys to my new apartment! yay! unfortunately, with exams coming up and the fact that i still haven’t found anybody that can replace my old room in palmville (oh and don’t forget to mention being too LAZY to pack-up), the house is pretty much still empty. boky dhanto and i are waiting for our agent to set up a streamyx account for us, and i suppose we can only start living there in july. i’ve got a fresh new room that i can’t wait to decorate, unfortunately i must rack up some creative ideas in order to be able to mix and match the owner’s furniture with my own. here’s some ideas i got from bbc homes that helped inspire the kind of theme i want my room to have:

Hotel in the Tropics * Relaxing Haven

double o heaven * garden bedroom

art deco * french fashion bedroom


6 Responses to “welcome to the second floor”

  1. Izuan Says:

    For a moment there I thought that first picture was your new room and my eyes popped lol.

  2. Miriam Says:

    Haha! Yeah, me too! I got so jealous! I was trying to think where on earth is this magical place in KL =P

  3. chavizzle Says:

    i like the heaven oh heaven bedroom

  4. chavizzle Says:

    double oh heaven deng

  5. nicole Says:

    found anybody to replace u yet in palmville???im interested actualy

  6. scharahap Says:

    sorry, the room is already occupied!

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