lalala means i’m bored

May 24, 2008

I feel like blogging. There are actually tons of things I wanted to write about, but all of them sound good in my head but somehow gets lost once I start typing… how retarded of me. I guess I’ll just start mentioning random things. Yeah that would be great. Uh… okay. basically now is probably the dullest weekend I’ve ever experienced in the whole semester. Everyone I know is either doing their assignment or studying for their exams. Today we had a MUSA council meeting in the morning, then I went to finalize the contract for my new apartment. After that I started my HIMYM marathon. I’ve finished season 1 and currently in the middle of season 2. Now I’m currently taking a break from the marathon (I don’t think it’s called a marathon if I stop actually) and surfing a bit. Here’s what I have open:

1. Facebook | Home I’m kinda bored of facebook now since there’s nothing much constructive that I do around that site but semi-stalking into the lives of people that I know. It’s getting tiring to feel bad for yourself once you see everybody is posting up fun pictures of their happening lives. bleh.
2. Triamcinolone acetonide – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia basically I’m researching on the ointment that the clinic gave me to heal my cold sore. Just to make sure they’re giving the right medicines.
3. Windows Live Hotmail nothing interesting in my mail today. huh.
4. Hot Chocolate and Mint a blog of an Indonesian girl who seems to be making a name for herself in the international fashion-blog community. Her outfits are fresh and creative and apparently she studied in Malaysia as well, how cool is that. You can check out her blog here [link]
5. MOSCHINO I’m opening Moschino’s website hoping to find something interesting… I’ve only browsed through their Cheap and Chic collection and though they are cute but they are also somewhat disappointing.
6, Accessories – Mod retro indie clothing and vintage clothes Found it off Diana’s blog (refer to number 4). Yeah it does sell cute stuff, but I dunno I’m not really an online shopping kind of person.
7. List of Colleges and Universities in San Fransisco – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Uh yeah… I was talking to a friend about how I wanted to take my master’s in NYU. But he mentioned that living in NY is not an experience I want to get through.. So I was researching for SF.
So basically that’s all I want to say for today. I just came back from Asia Cafe (finally, some people came to their senses eh) yeah, thats about it.


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