May 20, 2008

Ah, I got tagged. It was originally in Malay. I translated it into English (with the help of Mr. Izuan Izham)
PS: I hope 7 doesn’t sue me for using it as my post title as it did to Feist (link)

7 Facts about me
1. I like to order Sirup Bandung at mamaks
2. I cannot drive manual (or atleast, I’m trying)
3. I’m going to Cambodia in July
4. I have around 3,600 songs in my ipod
5. I have 2 dogs at home in Jakarta
6. I’m wearing a white H&M tshirt and grey Forever21 pants
7. I have an INT2040 (Globalisation and its discontents) assignment due this Friday

7 things that scares me
1. God
2. War
3. Snakes
4. Heights
5. Dystopia states
6. Being broke
7. People around me getting hurt

7 songs of the moment
1. Anya Marina – Move You
2. Vampire Weekend – Oxford Comma
3. Kylie Minogue & Mylo – In The Mood For Love
4. Scissor Sisters – The Other Side
5. Peter Licht – Antilopen
6. Yelle – Je Veux Te Voir
7. Pas/Cal – You Were Too Old For Me

7 things that I always say
1. Rawrrr!
2. Trus trus trus?
3. “Yaaaaannggg”
4. Are you serious! / Hahh serius lo????
5. Eh gosip dong gosip…
7. Ewwww

7 things that matter the most
1. Family
2. Friends
3. Education
4. A Woman’s Worth
5. Money
6. The State
7. Faith

7 First times in life
1. Making my own decisions
2. Being caught up in so much censorship issues
3. Meeting really ‘unique’ people (it might not be in a good way)
4. First time to actually save up to buy something
5. Understanding how my parents feel
6. First time to score HD on an Arts subject
7. Meeting someone who genuinely appreciates me

7 tagged people;
1. Miriam
2. Tristan
3. Namie
4. Chaveli
5. Shazeea
6. Ardho
7. Astried S


One Response to “se7en”

  1. Miriam Says:

    Kemi, what does it mean that I’m tagged? lol Do I get to do this now? hehe

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