walking home in winter

May 12, 2008

i miss that feeling.

being totally in-tuned to yourself. hypnotized by your steps. left, right, left, right.
a cool chill breezing past your face. your nose and cheeks tinged with rose pink…
nothing distracts you. it is just you, frozen in your own moment, enjoying the cold.

you find that during that moment,
it is okay to be alone.

in fact…
it is better when you are alone.

(photo from deviantart)


3 Responses to “walking home in winter”

  1. Miriam Says:

    You have no idea how much I miss those walks. It feels so strange to walk under the streetlight and then suddenly be in the dark for a while. And light again, looking at the snow flakes falling from the dark. I take my dog for walk at night and those are the best moments. It can get scary, yet so fascinating. You are right, the only thing that exist is your steps, thoughts and the amazing feeling of being alone. And it is VERY OK =)

  2. myla Says:

    waahhhhhhhhh… i have never seen snow so i dont know the feeling

    but i know the feeling of walking home in the summer heheheheheh…

  3. aRdho Says:


    eh si yfan nanyain tuh. kemaren kan abis groenscup, gw ketemu dia disana. ah jadi kangen masa2 groenscup pas ada elu. hehe.

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