my violet hour

February 10, 2008

i’ve once lost my way through the dark icy hallways and never have i thought that it would haunt me again. i curl myself in my secluded corner and replayed the thoughts that had once skipped in my fearless mind… a mind that welcomed the eerie and rejected the ordinary, and enjoyed the presence of the lurking demons that followed me into my darkness…
i befriended those demons; they kept me company in my loneliness. oh, lonely lonely me, nearly schizophrenic and entirely compulsive. i bite those who trespassed into my solitude, like a hungry tiger ready to prowl its prey. i dreamed of peace in a make-believe world where conflict reside, ironic as my other fantasies have been.

he in the white shirt believed in the better of  me, his confidence overpowering, his love overbearing, he wonders what has been of this seemingly innocent doe-eyed female creature. but she has never been as innocent, as the world has managed to capture pessimism and sparkled her with it essence…

and who are we to blame? it the stars? are they the masters of this puppetshow we call life?

*inspired by my violet hour, virginia slims lights menthol, and the playlist “im a broken heart”
*picture taken from DA


One Response to “my violet hour”

  1. Tristan Says:

    Awesome post, and I especially like the art 🙂

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