midday thoughts

January 17, 2008

i’ve got nothing really to blog about. so i’ll start off with some random updates. first off, my family trip to guangzhou-macau-hongkong-shenzhen was alright. i needed to dust off my mandarin, and i needed to be reunited with snow mochi’s and H&M. plus i needed to get away from jakarta. my love/hate relationship with the city is now reaching a new profound level which i simply cannot finger as love or hate. i feel i’ve grown out of the night-prowling habits that i have been accustomed to every holiday. yet i also feel like my relationship with some people that play an important role in my jakarta life is deteriorating. as a third cultured kid, you’d think that you can get used to hellos and goodbyes, fading friends, and adaptation to new lives. but no, losing a friend for the umpteenth time hurts just as much as the first, if not, more.

did i say i had nothing to blog about? sorry, i didn’t know where that came from 😛

on a happier note, i’ve finally manipulated my way to getting an ipod! (say hello to my 80gb, silver ipod classic with cover flows- which i have not yet named. any suggestions?)


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