jupiter street comeback

December 10, 2007

the 2 month idle period has begun. arrived in Sukarno-Hatta International Airport almost 3 weeks ago, I am now undergoing the longest, most uneventful and undeniably reluctant holiday. I’ve figured I could have snagged an internship somewhere during this period, but laziness has overpowered my ambition to strive for a career. I’ve also been lured into anti-socialness (if it is even a word). I’ve been getting ‘when-should-we-meet-up’ calls daily, but all has been responded with a lazy slur of “yeah, next week?” which could actually mean “ah, whenever i’m feeling like it”

holiday season is knocking on our doors, yet the holiday plans for the harahap family is still uncertain. a road trip to bali has been suggested; but me being a brat, i disliked the idea of NOT traveling by airplane, simply because of the traumatic experience that had happened previously when my highschool study trip to Jogja was met with several near-crash incidents (its widely known that the roads in Indonesia are not of first world quality, even though my parents claim that it is ‘better’)

and being after being a harahap for 20 years, i must prepare myself for the fact that i probably might not go anywhere at the end of the year. bleh. long, loooooong holiday. i don’t care, i have to be back in sunway by the end of january.


2 Responses to “jupiter street comeback”

  1. bram Says:

    kacian banget sih kamu,,,,
    buruan balik kem,,
    ato tanya ibu aku kalo kmu mau ikut ke malay juga ya..

  2. trugiaz Says:

    hehehe masih mending ada rencana gw aja dah balik lagi ke monash, ngambil summer. si bram juga kan yah?

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