jacinta de elma favora

October 25, 2007

my laptop is dying on me its starting to run really s l o w and sometimes it wont open at all or die out in the middle of work it overheats and so i decided to move all my documents on c: to andi’s external hard disk for the time being and i deleted all my pictures and the music files in my music folder and my documents and now though its running a tad bit faster than before it feels even more emptier in a sense that it doesn’t feel whole anymore because it lost its core components and my itunes library was empty and i wanted to go crazy because i had like 3000 songs there and although most of my songs are on d: but once i tried putting the mp3 files into itunes again it froze and i thought maybe i should just not use itunes anymore so lately i’ve been using last.fm player but there are times when i want to hear a specific song and you can’t do that you gotta hear the random songs they play oh but i’ve become quite infatuated with telefon tel aviv and a swedish singer named jens lekman or something like that and it was the perfect companion for studying plt 3470 or politics of development oh yeah i have all these theories of development in my head but the linkage is still hazy and i’m rather worried whether i can do well on the exam but hey isn’t everyone? and it got me to think whether indonesia will ever reach that point of development that is on the same level as rich capitalist countries because indonesia can be so random and there are so many things to consider before taking on a model of development okay and now im becoming really random and bram and i are talking about why education is expensive and we are just blabbering and we are becoming more and more random and im upset because my weight is constantly fluctuating from being fortyfive kilograms and now im practically fifty kilograms oh my god i am going crazy and i think i should start watching what i eat and cut the sweets and carbs and start swimming again hahaha and you know i keep on singing phoenix’s you can’t blame it on anybody it reminds me of the time me and brian were driving around sydney and i think im gonna burn phoenix’s alphabetical album which i like better than it’s never been like that and im gonna put it in bram’s car so i can sing along on the way to KL haha okay im becoming more random and i think we should just end it here so goodbye


One Response to “jacinta de elma favora”

  1. acid Says:

    stroke comes when laptop cant cooperate 😀

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