oh my fetish

September 26, 2007

Ted Baker’s Ells Bag

look who got a new toy.
HOWEVER, what I just bought was not the Ells bag, it was indeed the Bamo bag (but i couldn’t find an image of it online, and the Ells bag was the closest to it). The difference is, you see, the Bamo bag is not just a shoulder bag. It has handles that actually makes it primarily a hand bag, and the straps that is used for a shoulder bag can be taken off. Another difference is that the Bamo bag doesn’t have the double leather lining in the front, because it’s just one big pocket, not two.

I gotta say that I have somewhat of a bag fetish (despite previously believing that I had a sunglasses fetish, wait, actually I think I have both fetishes). About several weeks before, I had just purchased a crocodile skinned (probably not authentic) brown leather men’s bag from SEED, which was oversized and (rather) heavy. But I still loved it.

And before that, it was the small black shoulder bag from Miss Selfridge which was on sale and I became a sucker for it. And even before that I placed my name down for the all too famous Anya Hindmarch “I’m not a plastic bag” bag, which now is becoming SLIGHTLY overrated (see how I emphasized on ‘slightly’?) and I wished I had used it really as a plastic bag for grocery shopping. That would’ve helped me save the world and not be caught up in the world’s ever changing fashion trend.

I know I have a problem. Maybe an addiction. Why? Because I’ve just bought one handbag and now I’m already prowling for my next victim. Rawrr!


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