the now notorious BENG.KU.LU

September 15, 2007

just a couple of weeks ago i was talking to several friends and, out of no where, i remarked,
“you know what the least mentioned city in indonesia is? BENGKULU. you don’t hear much about it do you? I mean you’re practically fed up with hearing news about Aceh, you’ve got friends who live in Medan, you make fun of people for their Padang-ness, Lampung is near Java, Riau people are swarmed in Malaysia, but what about Bengkulu?”

it seems as though God has heard me.

“an earthquake of 8.9 ritcher (or 5.7, or 8.4, or 7.9…please people, give me the real stats!) hit Bengkulu which caused damaged to almost 80% of the houses in the area.”

okay, i guess now Bengkulu has finally found a way to the spotlight.


4 Responses to “the now notorious BENG.KU.LU”

  1. trugiaz Says:

    ehm ironically it’s the worst way to get on spotlight, but anyway what’s wrong if Lampung is near Java? hehehehe

    btw kem sebenernya gw baca blog lo kok, cuma kadang2 ga tau ngasi komen apa hehehehe jadinya ya gw baca aja 😛

  2. gerry Says:

    what is so funny about padang-ness? the way we talk or the way we eat? lol

    Bengkulu, somehow notorious for their familiarity with quake. U don’t remember the e-quake that destroy most of their infrastructure few years ago? maybe 6 or 7 years ago..

    nice to be here.

  3. trugiaz Says:

    Still lingering on my minds ger, dan kynya lebih lama dari itu hehehehe pas gw masih kecil bener malah kynya.

  4. mamat Says:

    Hmmm… Just be more quite. And heard the conscience… This time to TOBAT u know, 🙂

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