so-called elitist

September 15, 2007

facebook is getting crowded. and i’m getting agitated.


3 Responses to “so-called elitist”

  1. gerry Says:

    refer to stat that I read at Time, facebook unique visitors are breakdown into 3 categories: 39% from 35 years old and older, 12 % from 25 – 34 and 29 % from 18 – 24. Apparently, facebook is being used for personal business card, rather than social-networking site. And this “personal business site” thing seems work really well for them. I think that’s why, it is geetin crowded.

    MySPace still the winner for social-networking site, I think. I don’t use it tough. lol

  2. trugiaz Says:

    Oh come one kem, it’s not that bad anyway hehehe the more the merrier too right?

  3. theo Says:

    this is what we called ‘trend’, facebook become trend nowadays and will still grow up until reach the peak.will see how is facebook after the trend change. like the same thing happens with mirc in 10 years back.

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